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This section is available for all visitors to the IACS website and offers information about projects and consultancy from the International Association for Children's Spirituality.

Members can add information about their own work, projects or areas of interest by contacting Kate Posey on


Many IACS members are involved in hands-on work with children and young people as well as writing and teaching. Reports of new and interesting projects are available on these pages.

Spiritual Parenting
Melanie Dundy, in her book 'How do I know God loves me?' explores with children, their uniqueness and and individuality.
Her contact details are available on her website.

Children’s Spiritual Development through Reflective Music
The special ability to reflect on the awareness of one’s self and others, on life’s experiences and on the greatness of our creator is unique to the human race. People of all ages are able to reflect through varying degrees of time and depth, and yet educationalists seldom consider giving time or priority towards developing this essential aspect of what makes an individual unique

The Little Box of Big Questions
Children/young people need time, space and kindness to speak openly about the things most important to them and listening can help facilitators understand better the root of children's thinking and behaviour, and can give an insight into how to better support them to reach their potential.

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Spirituality days in Primary Schools
IACS member Ruth Wills is currently developing the work of ‘Spirituality days’ in Primary schools.

ME!© is a large scale interactive resource for children aged 4 - 14 which promotes spiritual thinking through four dimensions.

Journey in a box
A simple and effective resource, opening up prayer and reflection for children in schools and churches.

Click here to read about the impact this project has had on children in the UK.

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This space provides brief details of practitioners and academics working in a variety of situations within the realm of Children's Spirituality. All are available for consultancy and can be contacted through this website.